washington, d.c.

i like harry potter, adventure, feminism, fashion, & boys out of my league. my life revolves around cheeseburgers and making a fool of myself. i write my curses in cursive.


i just fucking want someone to want me back for the first time in my whole fucking life


i wanna meet the male version of me 

i did and nobody hurt me like he did.

i can literally count the number of people who have been nice to me today and it’s five. it’s fucking five.

"i missed you so much" —> "I missed having someone to make fun of."

"i’m so glad you’re back!" —> "now we have someone to laugh at."

"it was so weird not having you here!"  —> "we didn’t have anyone whose every move, word, and decision we could criticise."

i should have stayed home.

I’m a boss ass bitch bitch bitch
And you’re a fucking dick dick dick


gotta love that Jeep life


gotta love that Jeep life

i just want someone to want me